Taco Bell Presents: "Rush Order" (A Snap By Snap Live Film)

April 16, 2014

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Yesterday, the Social Network geniuses of Taco Bell took to their tactics once again, as they developed a movie using the convenience/inconvenience of SnapChat’s ‘Story’ feature. The film lasted a full four minutes and fifty-five seconds–a phenomenal length in the eyes of most SnapChat users. To be completely honest, most wouldn’t even take the time to sit through that length of a SnapChat Story for their own friends, but their Social Media presence has been felt so heavily since their Twitter outbreak (which I will cover another day), it was simple for the social beasts to attract the masses.

On the topic of the video itself, the movie is ‘Okay’ at best, but its mediocrity is perfect for the fans of Taco Bell’s recent antics and comedy.

For those who have no knowledge of SnapChat — the app allows you to send/receive photos and videos. The catch is once you’ve viewed the photo/video once, it disappears, and you may no longer view it again. SnapChat Story (the feature that Taco Bell used) allows friends to view a compilation of clips (each clip being 10 seconds or less) for 24 hours before the clips disappear. Fortunately, somebody used a third-party app and blessed YouTube-goers with a chance to check out the video. Check it out here!

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