Tyler, The Creator vs. Iggy Azalea!

May 16, 2014

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Thursday, on BET’s 106th & Park, Tyler, The Creator, and the rest of the infamous Loiter Squad boys of Odd Future stepped on stage to play a game that Bow Wow called “Marry, Kiss, or Diss”. The boys of OFWGKTA came out dressed in full on “Rapper-Persona” attire, in an effort to make fun of the fact that BET does not play their music. They were taking shots at commercial Hip Hop in doing so.

Anyway! During the game of “Marry, Kiss, or Diss”, Iggy Azalea was thrown into the question–to which Tyler said (in his “Rap-Persona” voice, I should add), “I ‘ont want Iggy. She stink. She got shots in her dump. I want real booty, ya feel me?”

Late Thursday night, Iggy replied on Twitter by tweeting:
“Tyler the creator is beyond immature. I’ve always believed you had something more to offer the world, Shame to see you be so rude.”
“People that make enemies and talk shit about ppl they’ve never even said hi to trip me out. I see it all the time… Strange world.”

The question is: Can this really be taken seriously? The entire appearance by Odd Future seemed to be a joke in itself. Fader even did an article where they went behind the scene of OF getting “Swaggy” for the show. My personal opinion–Iggy needs to look behind the scenes to see what this whole thing was about. I get that the joke was at her expense, but c’mon… Sometimes, you have to see the fun in it all…


Fader: Behind The Scenes.
Iggy’s Twitter.
Tyler’s Twitter.

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