(Audio) @RU_AREYOU - "Aeon"

July 1, 2014

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Sacramento native Ru (AREYOU) takes again to his Future-Electronic niche with “Aeon”. After a long hiatus–taken to tour with America’s Best Dance Crew Champions Quest Crew–Ru returns to electronic music scene with nothing short of a turn up! The sound that he’s been attacking within the past year has been in the lower BPM range, so it makes for either a turnt banger record, or a chill melody driven ambient record. “Aeon” plays the role of both ends to its fullest extent.
Opening up this record, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Ru never seems to miss out on an opportunity to drop some interesting artwork, and this release was no exception.
Upon pressing play, though, I was a little skeptical at first–to be honest.
The initial feel is almost that of a waltz, and I didn’t know how to take that, nor had I any idea of what it would lead to.
Immediately after that–well… I’ll leave that to you. Turn up.
Click the artwork to peep the track.

Peace, Love & ReBlogs;
Turny Thompson.

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