Mar 25

(Video) @JColeNC – “G.O.M.D.”

Being that this record was a favorite since the album leaked, it’s no surprise that the music video is already nearly touching the 1 Million mark.
However, 800K in one day? I’d say J.Cole has a street hit on his hands–notice the flames behind him in the icon… THIS JOINT IS FIRE.
Peep the video to the anthem “G.O.M.D.” below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Mar 24

(Video) @JerrySeinfeld ft. @Wale – “The Matrimony” Episode 1

I don’t know what it is about this collaborative effort between Jerry Seinfeld and Wale that makes me happy, but it just does.
Regardless of all of the flack that Wale gets in the Twitterverse, he has been one my favorite rappers since he arrived on the scene.
Over the years, he’s dropped two projects in the “About Nothing” series: The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing. Both times, he used the likeness of the logo from Jerry Seinfeld’s hit sitcom Seinfeld.
Well, in preparation for the March 31st release of Wale’s The Album About Nothing, this video of the pair was released on Wale’s YouTube.
The snip comes in direct relation with the album’s first single “The Matrimony”.
Peep the video below, and leave your thoughts below.

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Mar 17

(Album + Audio Stream) @kendricklamar: To Pimp A Butterfly

With the success of ScHoolBoy Q’s “Oxymoron”, the XXL Freshman induction of Isaiah Rashad, the controversy that surrounded the imagery of Ab-Soul’s “These Days”, among other notable occurrences, 2014 was quite a year for TDE. However, we spent the latter half of the year waiting for the foretold album from one artist in the TDE family.

Yes. It’s finally here, and it’s with great honor that I tell you it is amazing.
Kendrick Lamar finally hit the internet with his long-awaited studio album, To Pimp A Butterfly, and the anticipation couldn’t have been built any better.
From dropping a random link with no songs on it, to releasing on Sunday… There was no limit to the surprises.

After coming off the Grammy’s with two awards for his most fan-controversial record ‘i’, the album brings the raw edge that fans campaigned for from Kendrick.
An abundance of lush, Jazzy chord progressions, hard drums loops, and emotional instability all make this album another stamp of greatness for the TDE front man.
Stream the album by clicking through the album cover below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp A Butterfly


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Mar 12

(Video) @Tuxedo – “Number One”

Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are Tuxedo.
Individually, the twosome have had their names in the mouths of avid music hunters for quite some time.
Since they’ve become one, the group has expanded to a whole ‘nother level of internet recognition.
Peep this flip of the 213 classic “Ain’t No Fun”, entitled “Number One”.
Check out the video below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Mar 12

(Video) @BobbyBrackins – “My Jam (feat. @Zendaya & @Jeremih)”.

Oakland’s own Bobby Brackins has written hits on hits on hits over the past few years, and as he puts it quite often, he “made another hit for the radio station.”
The internet buzz for his new single “My Jam (feat. ZendayaJeremih)” is not to be overlooked.
The collaboration has its appeal to get a club all the way rockin’, as well as a selling point for a radio station to rock it till the wheels fall off.
To be quite honest, the team of artists for this record is a fool-proof collaboration.
Zendaya’s been making noise since her time with the Disney backing, but has since risen to stardom in her own right on the airwaves.
Not to mention, Jeremih has basically been making a screaming re-introduction into the music industry over the past year.

On another note, the video is one that isn’t your typical party video.
Bobby and the squad took the party to Puerto Rico and partied in the streets.

Here’s another hit for the radio station.
Peep the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Mar 12

(Audio) @JASMINEVILLEGAS – “One Night (feat. @Problem354 & @Jeremih)”

As you’ve probably noticed, R&Bass is taking the airwaves by storm these days.
With the likes of Adrian Marcel, Eric Bellinger, Rayven Justice, Netta Brielle, Jeremih, Chris Brown, etc., there are a lot of these joints that take the Bay Area Rap-esque instrumentals, and add a lush R&B vocal.
The YouTube sensation turned cult-following Sony songstress Jasmine V has made herself stand out in the midst of R&Bass’ growing movement, as she has developed a sound that is so polished that it almost doesn’t fit.
However, the juxtaposition of her powerhouse vocal did wonders for the “That’s Me Right There (feat. Kendrick Lamar)”, so there’s no telling what more she can do with this concept.

If you were at Hot 1035 Presents ‘Sacramento Live: Christmas Edition’ with Jasmine, then this record is going to sound fairly familiar to you.
This was actually the record that she opened her set and crept on stage with.
Here’s the premier of “One Night”, courtesy of my Young California brethren.
Peep it below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Mar 10

(Video) @SuperDuperKyle – “Just A Picture (feat. @kehlanimusic)”.

I’ve gotta say that this is my collaborative dream come true.
The charismatic rap/sing style of KYLE. The alluring tone of Kehlani‘s voice.
The record is a shout to all of the couples who spend more time on their phones than with each other.

“You look for ‘Like’s, when you could have love.”

Get off your phone unless it’s the device you’re using to watch this video.

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Mar 7

(Video) @alyssabernal – “You Don’t Know (Prod. @RU_AREYOU)” Live Set Version

Being that Ru (AREYOU) happens to be my producer and best friend of years, I had the honor of hearing this track in its infancy.
Since, the track has been self-mastered, and is now becoming a staple record for his girlfriend/music partner Alyssa Bernal.
After a brief tease of this video dropping earlier in the week, the full length ‘Live Set Version’ of “You Don’t Know” is now out.
Peep the video below, and click here to grab the studio recording on Bandcamp.

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Mar 4

Thank You, From The #NEWATNINEBOYZ!

One year ago today, the #NEWATNINEBOYZ were put together on your airwaves for the first time.
I, Soosh*e!, had only been working in radio for two months, and DJ Danny Cee was a veteran from the originating days on the 103.5 frequency–though he hadn’t been on air in years.
When our boss, DJ Tosh, originally told me that Danny was going to be my DJ, I had no idea what to expect–and apparently, neither did Tosh.

We went on air for the first time at 9pm on March 3rd, 2014, for the first ever ‘New@9′–as it was originally called–and Danny played slap after slap after slap.
…To the point that we got in trouble the following day. We were told that the mix was way too Urban for the station’s format.

The day before, the station was a Pop station, and it was our first night in a new format that wasn’t playing artists like One Direction and 5SOS.
So, for us to take the radio to a whole new level with no type of transition was blasphemous, and misleading for the listeners.

We were told that the show was pulled for the rest of the week, unless Danny cleaned up the mix and played closer to the format.
The following night, Danny went on air and did just that. He played closer to the book and didn’t go for the gusto, as he did the night before.
Though saddening, it was still satisfying to know that we weren’t fired on our first night on the scene.

A couple months passed, and the station started seeing success from the #NEWATNINEBOYZ show, as well as all of the changes that were made across the board.
As those changes saw such a positive response, the #NEWATNINEBOYZ show became more liberal, and the rules started to get broken.
During one of the shows in May, Danny said, “I’m gonna play a little less Pop these next couple mixes and see if anybody says anything.”

Sure enough, nobody said a thing.

Each week, Danny began weeding out the Pop tracks from the mix, and leaning more on the Hip Hop side–playing to the streets, and playing to the Urban music enthusiasts.
The juxtaposition of the Boyz’ Urban take on the market, against the general theme of a more neutral station seemed to give listeners something of an escape from the norm.
More and more often, listeners called and tweeted, requesting that the whole station take on the concept of the #NEWATNINEBOYZ: playing the street-hot records all day long.
In response to such requests, the station, as a whole, began to test the waters.
Hot 103.5 has since become the most aggressive station for music in the market–allowing listeners a fresh new take on radio in Sacramento.

Fast-forward to today:
The #NEWATNINEBOYZ have broken the rules of ‘the book’, and have broken records for countless artists.
In 2014, the Boyz even teamed up with to do a special Bay Area Freshman 10 Edition of the show, as well as dedicate an entire night to Sacramento artists on 9/16: Sacramento Day.

I didn’t write this to brag on the #NEWATNINEBOYZ name, nor to discount the work of our higher-ups.
I actually wrote this with the exact opposite in mind.
Nowhere–AT ALL–is there a mainstream station where such risks are allowed to be taken.
And nowhere–AT ALL–is there such a team that continues to support the views of the listeners while catering to the needs of the corporation.

We didn’t put ourselves on this station. We didn’t give ourselves this time slot. We don’t sign our own checks.
To the entire Hot 1035 staff, to the entire Entravision Corporation, to all of the sponsors, to all of the artists, and–most of all–to all of the listeners:

Thank you. We would not have the opportunity to make this happen if it weren’t for all of you.
Your support, and your faith in us, has allowed us this attempt at making a positive change in terrestrial radio.
Here’s to many more anniversary celebrations.


Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;