(Video) @BobbyBrackins - "My Jam (feat. @Zendaya & @Jeremih)".

March 12, 2015

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Oakland’s own Bobby Brackins has written hits on hits on hits over the past few years, and as he puts it quite often, he “made another hit for the radio station.”
The internet buzz for his new single “My Jam (feat. ZendayaJeremih)” is not to be overlooked.
The collaboration has its appeal to get a club all the way rockin’, as well as a selling point for a radio station to rock it till the wheels fall off.
To be quite honest, the team of artists for this record is a fool-proof collaboration.
Zendaya’s been making noise since her time with the Disney backing, but has since risen to stardom in her own right on the airwaves.
Not to mention, Jeremih has basically been making a screaming re-introduction into the music industry over the past year.

On another note, the video is one that isn’t your typical party video.
Bobby and the squad took the party to Puerto Rico and partied in the streets.

Here’s another hit for the radio station.
Peep the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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